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Baby Guide: How to Deal with Diaper Rash

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Baby Guide: How to Deal with Diaper Rash

Baby shopping is just a small part of parenting. Buying baby toys and baby diapers in Malaysia
are exciting and fun, but later on, you need to deal with more important things concerning your
child’s health. One of the most common issues parents deal with are nappy rashes.

Do you know that most toddlers and infants in nappies experience diaper rashes? While it
doesn’t develop a lot in newborns, all babies get it at one point in their lives.

Nappy rashes, or diaper rashes, are caused by the following:

  • Detergent, soap and bubble bath
  • Alcohol-based baby wipes
  • Antibiotics
  • Contact with poo or pee for a longer period of time
  • The diaper rubbing against the baby’s skin
  • Not cleaning or changing the diaper area often enough

A lot of babies with mild diaper rash don’t feel sore. However, if it is severe, then the child will
feel distressed and uncomfortable. You might see red patches at the child’s bottom, or the entire
area can be red. The skin would feel hot to the touch, and very sore. In some cases, there are
blisters, pimples and spots.

How can you treat your child’s diaper rash?

If the rash is not really upsetting your kid, you can treat it yourself by adding a thin layer of
cream in order to protect their skin. Ask your pediatrician to recommend one.

Follow the following advice to help look after the skin of your baby.

  • Don’t use lotions, bubble bath and soap.
  • Don’t use talcum powder, since it contains ingredients that can irritate the skin of your baby.
  • Change dirty or wet diapers as soon as possible.
  • Clean the entire diaper area gently but very thoroughly. Don’t forget to wipe it from front to back.
  • Use fragrance-free and alcohol-free wipes, or water to clean your little one.
  • Bath your child daily. Avoid vigorous rubbing.

If you follow the necessary hygiene tips, your child’s diaper rash would clear up in just 3 days.
However, if the nappy rash causes your baby too much discomfort, consult your pediatrician for
immediate treatment.

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